Canine Reproduction

icsbDr. McDaniel is associated with the International Canine Semen Bank.  The ICSB touts that their veterinary professionals offer the most successful program available using fresh, fresh-chilled, and frozen canine semen and artificial insemination using non-surgical and surgical procedures.


Dr. McDaniel had the honor of being the one and only “Show Vet” for the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship 2011 -2013, and continues to be an onsite presence at the show.  The Championship takes place in Orlando, FL in December of each year and is broadcast the following February on the ABC Network. The American Kennel Club is the nation’s oldest and only not-for-profit purebred dog registry and the National Championship is an “invitation only” event.


The below are just a few guidelines in regards to breeding and should not be used as your sole source of information on the subject. We encourage you to thoroughly research your breed. We are happy to answer your questions, however because we are a busy veterinary practice, we normally return calls for breeding-related questions after 5:00pm.


  • Using a veterinarian to perform artificial or surgical insemination DOES NOT GUARANTEE A PREGNANCY.
  • We perform artificial and surgical inseminations only. No transcervical insemination.
  • Brucellosis results take a few days to come back from the lab. We recommend a brucellosis test before any dog is bred.
  • We do progesterone testing in house and will call you with results by the end of the day. Keep in mind though we sometimes work into the evening hours.
  • If we will be shipping frozen semen for you, we need 1-2 weeks notice. We only have a limited number of shipping tanks and must coordinate accordingly.
  • Labrador Retriever and friendsSelect one point of contact for us to converse with. When we have to answer the same questions about one animal to several different owners, it makes us cranky.
  • We cannot give out information about specific bitches, studs, or breeders you are doing business with.
  • When you know you will be breeding, go ahead and give us a courtesy call. Don’t phone us at the last minute for something arranged with another breeder months ago.
  • When you schedule a C-section or artificial insemination and don’t show up, we are not pleased. On a consistent basis Dr. McDaniel’s schedule is booked days in advance. Someone else would have gladly taken your appointment slot. When you are a “no show”, we lose money. We give of ourselves day in and day out for your pets, but in the end this is a business. We have bills and salaries to pay.
  • Pull progesterone 5-7 days after a bitch comes into heat.
  • An ultrasound should take place 28 days after breeding. Please get on our schedule in advance.
  • Digital radiographs (x-rays) for puppy counts are normally performed 7-10 days before due date (no earlier than 53 days after breeding). These also need to be scheduled in advance.
  • If you prefer a C-section* to natural delivery, it needs to be on our appointment calendar 61 days from ovulation.  *All pregnancies must be confirmed by vet prior to C-section being scheduled.
  • On delivery day please bring a deep box for the puppies to ride home in. Also towels and a warming device.
  • To ensure the safety of newborns, we recommend keeping mom separate for 24 hours until anesthesia fully wears off.
  • Staples are removed 10-14 days after delivery.
  • Puppies come back to see us in 8 weeks for an exam, first shots, deworming, fecal, and health certificates.